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BlackBerry has launched its new series, that is BlackBerry Z10. This new series is a bit different from its predecessor. Unlike the previous one, BlackBerry Z10 comes with touch screen and new operating system, BlackBerry 10. It surely has also come with many useful features. However, it’s a bit rare to find BB users nowadays. If you are one of them, I should say that you are pretty consistent.
snaptube app
Enough with the introduction. If you’ve read this article, I believe you are looking for a BlackBerry video downloader app to download video from YouTube like SnapTube for BlackBerry Z10. If so, I’m afraid that I will disappoint you. SnapTube Download App is only available for Android devices at the moment. You must change your device to Android if you want to keep using SnapTube Download App.

Download Snaptube for BlackBerry Alternative App

If you are being persistent on using BlackBerry Z10, I recommend you to use FastTube App for BlackBerry Z10 as the alternative app of SnapTube for BlackBerry. This app has similar function to SnapTube App for Android – read more about SnapTube’s features on this page. But it lacks of one feature to download video from YouTube. It means you cannot watch YouTube video offline. However, this must not be a big problem if you always have internet connection around.
snaptube for blackberry alternative
FastTube App for BB Z10 is available on BlackBerry App World. Open BlackBerry World App and then search for this app to download it.
Still wondering what FastTube App for BlackBerry Z10 is capable of? Read the features below to get you know it closely.

FastTube App Features

  • Watch videos in High Quality and HD Video
  • Preload video and watch it later
  • Make your own playlist of video to play
  • Automatically change to low resolution video if you have slow internet connection
  • Upload video, write comments and related videos.
Note: Due to YouTube regulation, FastTube App for BlackBerry Z10 cannot download or save your preloaded video.
Another solution to use SnapTube App is install in on PC. Get the tutorial on page Install SnapTube App for PC.
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