Download TutuApp for iOS 10 without Jailbreak

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Download Tutu App for iOS 10 to download iOS apps and games for free. Then, install TutuApp for iOS without jailbreak. To know more about TutuApp for iOS, please read the TutuApp for iOS review below.

What is TutuApp?

TutuApp is an app that you can use as the App Store alternative. Just like the App Store, TutuApp for iOS provides many apps and games which can be downloaded for free, including the paid ones. This is surely a good news for everyone who want to taste the premium version of their favorite iOS apps and games.

TutuApp for iPhone is a free app. You don’t need to purchase any thing to have this wonderful app. So, your pocket remains safe while you have a lot of benefits awaits. Doesn’t it sound cool?

TutuApp for iOS

Get Updated Apps and Games

Even though TutuApp for iOS devices is a third-party app, it is as quick as App Store in term of getting the update app. Whenever there is the updated version of the apps on your iOS device, you will receive a notification to update your apps. You can download iOS apps and games directly from TutuApp for iOS and install them without jailbreak. Simple, isn’t it?

Not only limited to getting update, TutuApp for iPhone will also show you the popular applications and games that many people use for the time being. Those iOS  apps and games appear on the home screen. Just tap on the picture or thumbnail to get to the download page and download the apps and games that you want instantly. This is surely a great feature that keep you up-to-date.

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VIP and Free Version of TutuApp for iPhone

There are two version of TutuApp for iPhone, the Regular and Premium version. The TutuApp regular version is the free version of TutuApp for iPhone. You can download and use it for free. Even download the iOS apps and games from TutuApp.

While the TutuApp Premium version means that you have to pay to get all the additional features that you will not get if you use the TutuApp Regular version. TutuApp Premium version is of course more stable than the Regular version. However, if you have money, you’d better to download the premium version. By purchasing $12.99/year, you will have all features of TutuApp for iPhone.

TutuApp for iPhone

Download Apps and Games without Apple-ID and without Jailbreak

Another great feature of TutuApp for iPhone is that you don’t need Apple ID to download iOS applications and games from TutuApp for iPhone. TutuApp for iPhone lets you download the iOS Apps and Games instantly. This feature is the big help for those who like to forget the Apple ID password.

Without Jailbreak is another feature that TutuApp for iPhone offered to the iOS device users. So, installing iOS apps and games will be more fun as you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone. Moreover, you can download countless iOS appllications and games from TutuApp for iPhone.

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Download TutuApp for iOS, iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak

After you know how great is TutuApp for iOS, I believe now you want to download TutuApp and install it on iPhone and iPad of yours. The best thing from TutuApp for iPhone is you can install TutuApp for iPhone without jailbreak.

We know that jailbreak will make you lose your iOS devices guarantee and we don’t want you to lose it. That’s why TutuApp for iPhone brings this simplicity. You can install TutuApp for iPhone without jailbreak. To know more about how to download TutuApp for iPhone, please keep reading the article.


However, we remind you to use this tiny as an app reviewer. It means you download the premium version to review the app before deciding to purchase it. Therefore we still recommend you to purchase the premium app from the App Store legally to support the developers.

tutuapp download for iPhone

Application Information

  • Name: TutuApp
  • Version: 1.6.2
  • Size: 18.8MB
  • Minimum requirement: iOS 7+ (above)

Install TutuApp for iPhone without Jailbreak

Installing TutuApp for iPhone is a piece of cake. Therefore we provide you the tutorial to install TutuApp on iOS devices. You can read it thoroughly before executing it.

1. Get your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch ready. Make sure that you have update the iOS version to the latest version, iOS 10. Or if you haven’t upgraded it, it’s fine as long as your iOS version is above iOS 7. You can check the iOS version on Settings >> General >> About >> Version.

2. Open your Safari browser and type on the address bar. You will be taken directly to the official website of TutuApp for iPhone.

TutuApp for iOS 10

3. Tap the Regular bar to get the free version of TutuApp. Then, scroll down to the Download button.

4. Hit the Download button and a pop up window to install TutuApp will appear immediately.

5. Tap install to begin the installation. The installation progress will take a few moment depending on your internet speed.

tutuapp for iOS 9

6. When the TutuApp icon has appeared on the home screen, tap on it. You will have a pop up notification “Untrusted App Developer” asking for your trust. You must trust the app in order the app to work properly on iOS devices. Don’t worry, TutuApp is safe.

7. Tap Trust and TutuApp for iPhone is ready to use.

Download tutuapp for iOS 8

Once the installation has been finished, you can open TutuApp on your iPhone or iPad. Download as many applications and games as you like for they all are free for you.

TutuApp is also available for Android devices. Visit download TutuApp for Android page for more detail information about it.

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Don’t forget to share the article so that everyone knows this amazing app. If you encounter any problem, don’t hesitate to drop a question in the comment box below. We will try our best to help you.

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  1. Eu baixo o app, mas em seguida chega a mensagem dizendo que não foi possivel instalar o Tutuapp.
    Lembrando que eu ja utilizava o app, mas me parece que o certificado do desenvolvedor foi cancelado. Alguém sabe como proceder?


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