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SnapTube is free, fast, easy and the best application to download video from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Instagram, etc. Check the tutorials below to know more how to use SnapTube:

1. Download SnapTube for Android

2. Download SnapTube for iPhone

3. Download SnapTube for PC

4. Download SnapTube for Mac

5. How to install SnapTube for Android

6. How to download video from SnapTube

7. How to change the download path in SnapTube

8. Download the latest version of SnapTube app apk


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  2. Hello there,

    I’ve only just stumbled across your software.

    One word…amazing!

    The ability to search multiple sources and to pick the download items (sound and/or video) in different qualities is sensational.

    Thank you so much for creating it.

    I’ll let many people know about it.

  3. Hello there,
    I am using snaptube on my android. I can’t play some files with vlc when they are transfered in my desktop. it shows that the extended file can’t play……
    I also downloaded a video converter on android but the extended files do not come in the list of video to be converted. In one word, in computer, they are shown as a file not video.
    I would be very helpful in your prompt reply.

    Thanking you

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