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We are truly sorry that this app is no longer available on App Store. Apple has decided to omit this app from App Store. však, we will try to find the new app that has similar function to this app. Keep a regular visit on this website to find new information about the SnapTube for iPhone Alternative App

Are you looking for SnapTube for iPhone 7? ak áno,, I’m afraid that we will disappoint you because SnapTube Download App for iPhone 7 or iOS 10 is not available yet. So far, SnapTube Download App is only available for Android devices. But there is an alternative App to replace SnapTube App on iOS. That best download video app for iPhone is Cube Video Lite App.

SnapTube YouTube Downloader

Cube Video Lite App is an iOS app which has similar function like Snaptube App, to download video from YouTube, Vine, Vimeo and other video sites. Although Cube Video Lite App for iPhone doesn’t have rich features like SnapTube App, it’s the best YouTube video download app for iPhone. Plus, it’s a free app and available on App Store.

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Stiahnuť Snaptube pre iPhone 7 Alternatives App

If you would like to give it a try, go to the App Store and type for Cube Video Lite on the search box.

Press the ‘Get’ button to download the video on iPhone. The download will not take a long time because the size is only around 9.2 MB. It surely doesn’t take a lot of space on iPhone. Cube Video Lite App is ready to download video once it appears on the menu.

snaptube for iphone alternatives app download snaptube for iphone alternatives app

Want to know more about Cube Video Lite App for iOS? Read the features below.

Cube Video Lite App Features:

1. Download video from YouTube.

Cube Lite App is a video downloader for iPhone that will help you download YouTube video for free easily.

2. Watch video offline or without internet connection.

After you download video from YouTube, you can watch and enjoy the video offlinewithout internet connection. The video is in your iPhone and you can watch it anytime you like.

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3. Make a playlist of your favorite videos on YouTube.

Cube Lite allows you to make a playlist of your favorite video. tak, you no longer bother to waste the time searching for the video when you want to play them.

4. Play the downloaded video via AirPlay.

Your iPhone screen is too small to watch the video? Or you want to watch the video on your iPhone together with your friends? You will need a bigger screen then. You can connect to a bigger monitor using via AirPlay so that it’s more convenient for your eyes.

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That’s all the review about snaptube for iPhone alternatives app. You can try to download the app and see it for yourself. Furthermore, it is the best video downloader app for iPhone so far. If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comment box below.

Please share the if you find this app helpful. šťastný sťahovanie! 🙂

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