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When you download video from YouTube using SnapTube App, all videos will be automatically stored in the Internal Storage > SnapTube > Video. The problem is that if you download many videos, you will not have any space left in the internal storage. This is bad because it can affect the system when you run many applications. Eventually, your phone will be very slow. To avoid such problem happens, you can change the download path of the videos you’ve downloaded using SnapTube for Android. Check the steps below to know how to change the download path in SnapTube App.


How to Change the Download Path in SnapTube App

1. Open SnapTube App.
SnapTube pre Android
2. Tap the gear icon at the top right to get in the Settings.
Tap the gear icon at the right top
3. kliknite na Stiahnuť ▼ Path to change it.
Download path
4. Choose MicroSD to save the video in the external device.
Choose MicroSD
5. Tap the folder icon at the right top to create a new folder.
Tap the folder icon to create folder
6. Write a name for the folder, for example SnapTube.
Write the folder name
7. Once you’ve finished, open the folder you’ve just created by simply tapping on it.
change the download path in snaptube app
8. PressSelect this folderto confirm the storage path. If you want to create a subfolder, just tap onCreate new folder.’
Select this folder to make the confirm
9. A pop up window will appear to confirm it once again. PressSelectto confirm.
change download path in snaptube app
10. hotový!

Great! Now you’ve changed the download path in snaptube app into the external storage. potom, you can continue download videos (Ako stiahnuť YouTube Video Používanie SnapTube) without worrying your internal storage space now.

You can play the video from the Gallery or you can find the video using File Manager application at SD Card > SnapTube. Thus, if you find any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to write it in the comment box below. We will try our best to help you solving the problem you faced. Thank you for reading!

11 myšlienky na "Ako zmeniť Download cestu v SnapTube

  1. Hola,amigos reciban saludos de un usuario freceuente de snaptube,durante mucho he descargado videos de youtube y nunca habia tenido una situacion como la querer descargar videos y que salga uns leyenda,videos no disponible.quiero creer que sea tal vez un problemita temporal y que,ustedes van a poner el interes necesario para solucionarlo. Ya que es unauy buena aplicacion la he recomendado ampliamente a mis amigos.ustdes disculpen

  2. Hey snapetuber’s ,
    I am not able to save my downloaded videos to my sd card by downloding path….
    And also an error occured ,” if you save the snaptube videos , it will not be shown in your gallery or any media gallery.
    Etc etc
    Plz help friends….

  3. My snap tube has stop working. Any time I type the video I want to download, it will shownot connected to networkand my subscription is still working for other apks

  4. Hello,
    Download Path in SnapTube App, private folder SD-Card
    I have, Miui 8.1 Stable, Android 6.0.1 MMB29M
    What helps with this error?
    you are choosing to save files to the snaptube private folder, due to restrictions in android 4,4, the following will happen:
    1. you will lose all these files once snaptube is uninstalled
    2. the media files in sd card can only shown in snaptube. younwill not be able to browser and open them in media player or file manager.
    3. you are not allowed to pick folders outside snaptube private folders as doeload path.
    we recommend that you pick internal storage instead. are you sure to continue?

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