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Download Xender for Android to transfer files to other gadgets instantly. Xender App is awonderful app that will help you to send files from your Android devices to iOS devices, PC or Mac easily. Xender download app doesn’t need internet connection to transfer your files to other devices. Want to know more about Xender App? Scroll down to read the Xender application review on this website.

xender for android

What is Xender App?

Basically, to transfer files from your Android device to iPhone, PC or MAC, you will need either internet connection or USB cable, right? What if don’t have internet and USB cable to transfer files, while your friends or colleges need the files so bad? I believe it must be a bit stressful to have such case. But actually you don’t need to worry about it. Xender for Android can be the solution in case you have such situation.

Xender App is your best application to transfer and send files to other gadget. It can have Xender application is available for free. Even though Xender application is free, it allows you to transfer files unlimited. It also can transfer or send big files in flash.

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Xender App for Android: No Internet Data Required

This feature is indeed a very useful feature that Xender App for Android brings to its users.Imagine if you have to send big files or many files using internet connection. How many bandwidths does it require to send the files? It would be a bit difficult if you don’t have enough bandwidths to send the files. Therefore, Xender for Android can help you to send files without internet connection.

Xender application is very easy to use. Transferring files between gadgets has never been this easier. With Xender app for Android, you no longer need USB nor internet connection to send files. Yes, you read it right. Xender app for Android lets you transfer unlimited files without using internet connection. So, you can transfer file without worrying that you will lose bandwidth.

xender download for mobile

Xender for Android: Cross platform Transferring

Cross platform files transferring can be frustrating to some people. They need to use a USB cable to do that and not stopping on that, you should install a certain software or driver so that your Android or iOS devices can be detected by your PC or Mac. It doesn’t mean that the transferring files progress will be smooth once you have provided the USB and software. There is a case when PC cannot detect Android devices due to unknown reasons. And this is where you definitely need Xender for Android.

Xender for Android is not only able to transfer files between Android devices, but it also allows you to transfers files to iOS, PC or Mac devices. This app doesn’t require you to use USB cable to send files from Android gadgets to iOS gadgets, PC or Mac.You only need to install Xender application on Android and iOS devices before transferring the files. The good thing is that Xender supports iOS devices, PC and Mac. So, you can just download Xender application for Android, iOS, PC and Mac and install it on your devices. Then, you can perform the transferring files.

Xender App: Smartphone Duplication

Having a new phone is surely one of the happiest moments. You get better phone with better spec and probably with a good camera that allows you to take good selfie. But getting a new phone also means that you have to set up the new phone and sending your data from the old phone to the new one. It can be very tiring, especially if you have a lot of data, like pictures.

There is always a shortcut for everything. Instead of copying and removing the data one by one,you can just duplicate your old phone. By duplicating the old phone, it means your new phone will be exactly like the old one, in term of the data and settings. So you don’t need to bother yourself in transferring the files.

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Luckily, Xender application is able to duplicate smartphone. With the replication feature that Xender for Android has, it allows you to copy your old phone data, including the settings and applies it on your new smartphone. This feature will save your energy. You will not lose your data, settings, plus applications. Sound amazing, isn’t it?

With so much great feature that Xender app offers, I bet you will not fully believe it. But that’s fine. We want you to prove and see it yourself about how wonderful Xender is. We have provided you the Xender app download link below. So you can download Xender app for Android and try it yourself.

xender download for Android

Download Xender for Android

Xender application is available for Android gadgets for free. You can easily find this great app in the Google Play Store. Moreover, to make it quick, we have given you a direct link to Xender application page on the Google Play Store. Just click the download link below for the instant access to download Xender for Android on Google Play Store.

Before downloading Xender for Android, it’s better if you know a bit about the application package itself. You can read the information about Xender for Android below.

Application Information:

  • Name: Xender
  • Version: v3.9.0612
  • Package: cn.xender
  • Size: 6.39MB
  • OS requirement: Android 2.3.2 and up

Download Xender for Android

xender apps download for android phone


Install Xender for Android

Installing Xender for Android gadgets is a piece of cake. However, we will give you a brief explanation just in case you need a guidance.

  • Click the Xender download link above that will direct you to Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the install button to download Xender apk to you Android gadgets.
  • Once the download has been finished, an installation window will appear. Follow the on screen instruction to install Xender for Android.
  • Wait for the installation to finish. It will take a few seconds.

Now Xender for Android is ready to transfer and share files to other gadgets. Xender download for mobile is very useful in sending files and data, especially when you don’t bring USB cable and don’t have internet access.

Xender for iOS, iPhone and iPad

Is Xender also available for iOS, iPhone and iPad? The answer is YES. Xender application is also available for iOS, iPhone and iPad. For the detail information, you can read it on the Xender for iOS, iPhone and iPad page.

Xender for PC Windows and Laptop

Wondering if you can user Xender app to transfer files and data from smartphone to PC? Xender app can do it for you. You can transfer files and data from your Android or iOS devices to PC Windows and Laptop by using Xender application. How to do it? Find more on Xender for PC Windows and Laptop page.

Xender for Mac

Xender app can also be accessible in Mac gadgets. How to transfer and send data from Android and iOS devices to Mac using Xender app? Visit Xender for Mac page for the answer.

xender download free


Xender app download has become one of the best application in term of transferring and sharing files, data, video, contact, documents and many more. This is very useful and suit for anyone who like to share files between gadgets and devices.

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We hope that the Xender review on this website will be very useful for you so that you have a picture about how great this Xender app. If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to write it in the comment box below. We would do our best to answer it. Thank you for reading. Please share!

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