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Xender for PC Windows or Mac is the best solution for everyone who likes to transfer files between devices. It helps us to transfer data or files from Android and iOS devices to PC Windows and Mac or vice versa for instance. How to use it? In this article we are going to discuss about Xender for PC or Mac review.

xender app

Xender doesn’t require internet connection nor Bluetooth to transfer files. But it’s using internal connection between devices. So, all sending files tasks can be done wireless. We don’t need to worry anymore if we forget to bring USB cable because it doesn’t necessary.

Xender for PC Windows and Mac: Unlimited Files Sharing

Xender is available for PC Windows and Mac which is very helpful for everyone who likely to face problem when they have to send files from Android and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad to Windows PC or Mac. This application allows us to send any kind of files in any size. It can send document, contact, audio, video, pictures and apps. Even for Android and iOS devices, it can perform smartphone duplication.

Even though the sharing files process is done wireless, it doesn’t mean that Xender app is slow. Xender app has transferring speed up to 10MB/second. So, you can transfer the files in no time.

Xender for PC Windows or Mac has a nice user interface which makes it easy to find and organize the files that you transfer. It’s also equipped with a file manager that allows you to copy, move or even delete the unwanted files. It’s possible for you to backup the data in your smartphone to PC or Mac to get more storage in your smartphone.

The best thing of all is that Xender app gives all its best features for free. Xender app doesn’t require us to purchase anything. So our pocket remains safe. How to download Xender for PC Windows and Mac? Check the explanation below.

xender download for PC

Download Xender for PC Windows and Mac

Xender application is available for PC Windows and Mac. Basically, Xender for PC or Mac is not an application. So, we don’t need to download Xender for PC or Mac and install it. All we need is a browser like Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to access the Xender for PC or Mac.

Since Xender requires a browser, it support various kind of Windows OS. To put simply, Xender supports Windows 8, 8.1,10 and Mac OSX as long as you have a browser installed on your PC or Mac. Click the link below to direct you to Xender for PC Windows or Mac.

Xender for PC Windows or Mac

xender download for mobile

How to Transfer Files from Phone to PC or Mac using Xender

Once we have Xender for PC or Mac, we need to install Xender application on our Android and iOS devices. Read Xender for Android and Xender for iOS to get the details.

When you have installed Xender application on your smartphone, you can follow the steps below to transfer files from mobile phone to PC or Mac.

Note: In the tutorial below, I am using an Android smartphone. If you are using iOS smartphone, please worry not. The steps are not so much different for iPhone or iPad. I believe you can figure it out easily.

1. Open Xender application on your Android smartphone and then swipe right to find the menu. While on iOS smartphone, you can just tap the green rocket launcher icon on the bottom.

2. Choose Connect to PC or Computer menu on your smartphone, both Android or iOS.

3. You will have a green page saying that you should go to web.xender.com and then scan the QR Code on the screen. DON’T follow the step because this step requires internet connection to transfer files. You will lose your bandwidth if you follow this step. Instead, press the Wi-Fi icon on the right to create internal hot-spot. Let your PC or Mac connects this network. The network is “Xender_APxxxx“.

Xender download for PC or Mac

4. Open your browser on PC or Mac now and type the IP address given on the address bar of the browser. Press Enter to go to the page. Turn to your smartphone to accept the connection.

xender for pc free download

5. The browser should now show the home page. It means that Xender for PC or Mac has been successfully connected to Xender for Android or iPhone. The transferring files task can be performed right away.

download xender for pc windows

To send files, you just need to drag or drop it to the browser. Or use the file manager to find the files that you are going to send. The file manager lets us to put the files on the folder that we want. So, the files are organized by the time we transfer the files. If you want to disconnect, just press the X on the left top on the screen.

Xender application is very useful to send big files like video that you have downloaded in advance from smartphone to PC or Mac OSX. For instance, you just download video using SnapTube or Terrarium TV and now want to watch it on a bigger screen. So, just use Xender for PC or Mac to send the video. It will finish in no time.

That’s all the Xender for PC Windows or Mac review. Don’t hesitate to drop in the comment box if you have any questions related to transferring files using Xender application for PC Windows or Mac to Android or iOS smartphone. Please share this article if you find it useful. Thank you for reading.

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